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Click these titles for more Hectanooga Crochet:


At Ravelry you can purchase a pattern and download it instantly, no waiting for a human being to fill your order!



Craftsy is another Instant download shop, have a peek.  There is only a small sampling of Emi's patterns here...but you can find the pdf versions of some of her FREE tutorials here!


Etsy has an extensive catalog of almost 500 of Emi's designs.  All of her designs are catalogued here.  When you make a purchase at Etsy, Emi herself will fill the order by soon as she's done creating/filming/upoading her latest YouTube video!

Commissioned Work

Emi has created commissioned designs and done design assistant work for Ashton11 and SweetPotatoPatterns, find them here:




Fleece For All

Easy Sewing Patterns